Genora Infotech

Developing​ ​apps​ ​and products​ ​for​ ​the​ ​love​ ​of​ ​the​ ​job


Allowing smaller startups to create a large online presence at reasonable prices is a marketing and advertising company that works with advertising agencies, publishers and ad…


Creating a peaceful, stress-free environment for people dealing with legal issues

Awesome Chef

Cooking up a storm with healthy DIY food kits


Predicting micro-climatic conditions and crop diseases to enable growing more and growing better

Planet Earthling

Creating games to help students improve behaviours and work well with others


Branding and advertising over a warm cup of chai


Partnering with S,M,L brands to help them get their marketing work done from the best in class specialists from India


Providing opportunities for people with the greatest talent, who might miss out on a chance to prove it

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Dhruvi Kanabar

Start-ups in India are experiencing a revolutionary phase: regulatory framework, political and budgetary support, increased share of investor savings, supportive domestic ecosystem and global reach and support. Any entrepreneur running a…

Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta is creating a proper understanding among founders who are in search of investment when working on their product. He is trying to explain to them that throwing money on an issue they might be facing is not going to solve it, but…

Sandeep Dama

Like many others, Sandeep Dama also feels startups in India have to go through a more tedious process as compared to startups in many countries. According to him, every founder is successful, if they have gone through the process of…

Sandeep Murthy

Founded by Sandeep Murthy, is a Mumbai-based venture capital firm investing in early stage technology companies. The firm’s operating philosophy is to invest in a small selection of companies, allowing him to give them all the attention…



MICA incubators assist startups and smaller companies through their support and promotion of entrepreneurs and the startup ecosystem. The incubator is headed by U.T. Rao, the chairperson. The MICA - EDC has set up the first of its kind…

Global Incubation Services (GINSERV)

Global Incubation Services (GINSERV) works with startups through the multiple services that they offer. They offer services in the fields of affordable space, mentoring, seed funding, networking and many others. There are many individuals…


IAMAI, through it’s IAMAI Startup Foundation, is working on creating awareness among Startups about the interesting initiative of IAMAI-Mobile10X. This one of a kind initiative focuses on mobile app driven ventures. They work with startups…

IIT Bombay’s SINE

SINE, the technology business incubator at IIT Bombay was one of India's first tech incubators. Since the incubator was hosted and set up like an academy, that drastically assisted the companies incubating within it. Obviously, they did not…