A startup’s audacious plan; a new luxury hotel in space

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When deciding on locations for a holiday, space is now officially an option. Aurora Station is soon to be the “first luxury hotel in space”. Orion Span Inc. is looking to launch their modular station in 2021 and would accept guests in the year to follow. Each excursion would be accompanied by 2 crew members. The platform being visited would be situated 200 miles above Earth, offering 5 guests a 12 day incredibly fast race around the earth, allowing them to witness 384 sunrises and sunsets.

This trip allows guests to experience what it is like to be an astronaut, and they are not looking to create an evening at the beach vacation. The pricing starts at $9.5mil for 12 days. The company asks for an $80,000 deposit and has started taking in payments. The deposit is fully refundable.

Although Orion Span Inc. is looking for further funding to take off, they are not disclosing how much they would need at the moment.

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