Accident Defense System

Placing Collision Prevention Tech into the hands of every motorist

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Accident Defence System (ADS) is an augmented reality driving enhancement that allows users to use their mobile phone camera to view the road ahead. The app has a feature called ‘Collision Prevention Warning’ which immediately alerts users about a probable accident. The ADS app also has a dash camera that records the last few minutes of a journey. This allows users to have recorded footage, which can be used to settle disputes in the event of a collision.

“The ADS mobile app includes a streamlined interface, works without an internet connection, and avoids legal issues by ensuring user privacy. Additionally, unlike similar apps, ADS is designed to run in the background”

Manish Rao, founder of the ADS, was the victim of a hit and run that near paralyzed him 7 years ago. He spent the following year learning to walk again. After recovering, Manish was urged by his wife to come up with a solution in hopes that others should not be as unfortunate. His initial versions included video equipment and a variety of sensors. Eventually, the ADS team decided to focus on a mobile app as the greatest opportunity to help prevent accidents and help save lives.… The team that worked on this app is from India, Germany and the US. The members of the ADS app include Manish Rao (Founder), Joe Salazar III (CEO) and Philipp Schapotschnikow (CTO).

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are close to 1.3 M roadway deaths worldwide every year.Unfortunately, India leads the world with close to 10% of the annual total. Many of the roadway accidents are due to negligence, bad infrastructure, vehicles without basic safety features, and driver inattention.

Although the company has certain small targets that they are working to attain, their goal is to get their hands on the entire market. Although the world is moving toward autonomous vehicles, the variety of solutions are very expensive. For example,many high-end vehicles already have many accident prevention measures built in; however, for those drivers without such a vehicle, the mobile app will more than suffice.

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Since the ADS app is focused on preventing accidents and saving lives, the team is working on an opportunity to bypass the Government bureaucracy and get this app into as many hands as possible. They are working toward this goal by constantly participating at tech events, creating as much brand awareness as possible, and working toward getting the funding to take their app further.

The current ADS app works perfectly even without an internet connection. Further, the app helps assist motorists in avoiding legal issues and protects its user’s privacy.The app is still going through rigorous testing, but the company is working very hard to launch their app in beta as soon as possible.

The Founders assumptions when working on the app were right. They began with a proper idea of what they wanted, then they made sure they went through the market by handling proper research. Finally, the team began with their branding and creating awareness about their company. Moving forward, they are sticking with marketing and advertising their free app so others can benefit from it.

They are currently looking for funding to continue working on their app, and developing new features.

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