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Adel is the first of its kind – a blockchain startup incubator and global cryptocurrency community. This community is self-sustained and has its own economic ecosystem. It is sustained by the Adelphoi (ADL) coin. Simply put, Adel is a community-based project funding platform.

“Our formula for project acceleration consists of a combination of expertise, passion, and investment”

Adel and the people connected with this community focus on creating, developing, and implementing situational blockchain technology. These situations cover a range of digital and physical industries. Members from within the community choose their projects. The successful ventures are reinvested in for more growth. In other cases, rewards are issued to Adel members. The community is looking to sustain and increase the value of ADL. They are planning on doing this through profit participation and business management. Furthermore, these projects have the potential of creating investment, employment and innovation opportunities. The leaders of the community make sure they invest in successful projects, so as to benefit all the investors and stakeholders within the group.

Adel is also known for running the first fundraising initiative – initial coin offering (ICO) – in the blockchain space to comply with protective financial regulations like ‘know your customer, anti money laundering and anti-terrorism certification. That’s not all, Adel has mixed the use of technology, people and the process they follow to get everything done systematically, and achieve a highly successful iterative process in startup creation and funding.

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It is safe to say that a lot of startups and startup incubators are not as optimized and organized as they should be. It takes a bit of time for someone to begin working on an idea. However, with the way that Adel is built, it doesn’t take a lot of time at all. The system also uses experienced professionals to help expedite the process through collaboration.

Overall Adel is trying to validate good ideas and get them to follow the Adel philosophy. They have also set up a project review committee to assist in getting this done. After approval, the team assists in coming up with a business plan. The project would receive a lot of assistance along the way and when it succeeds, the rewards would be distributed to those participating. This would be done through the project’s equity.

Adel has been registered in the Isle of Man, UK, but has decentralized staff all over the world. The founders of Adel, Michal Vavrek, Gabriel Dusil and Jan Lamser have collectively, over 70 years of experience in trading, banking, IT security, ICT, VC funding, marketing, sales, operations, and other disciplines. The Adel board comprises of business experts in the development of mainstream blockchain technology. They are looking to incubate major projects that might change the course of history.

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