Allowing smaller startups to create a large online presence at reasonable prices

0 2,748 is a marketing and advertising company that works with advertising agencies, publishers and ad networks. They focus on distributing advertisement content to the right audiences and manage ad campaigns for agencies, ad networks and publishers. Since they currently manage content and campaigns over mobile and desktop, they are a one-stop shop for media planning, building creatives, budgets allocation, suggestion domains, business plans and the execution of all of them all.

They believe that outsourcing ad-management would allow companies to focus their efforts internally on core businesses. The outsourced team having experience in the field would be able to target the right demographics and gather information on the client’s behalf. Furthermore, this allows multiple smaller companies to take advantage of this system to create a larger online presence for themselves.

The company was started by founder and CEO, Abhilash Venkatesh and is headquartered in Mysuru, Karnataka. Adopsmind was started in 2015 with one employee but now they have moved up to seven.

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Since their core business is branding companies on the internet, thereby giving them a wider presence, they are not restricted to any specific market. They are not only looking to work with Indian clients but are also open to clients from the Middle East, Israel and the United States. They will be stepping into the gulf by the end of 2018. They are discussing ideas with their potential clients while planning on getting themselves a larger team.

The current team of seven has about three to four years in digital marketing experience and specialises in all kinds of campaigns and strategies for online branding.

Most customers are more than happy to work with them since their pricing is very reasonable and they offer round the clock services. Currently, they are quite limited by sales and funding but that is going to change soon. Overall, as a company, they focus on quality, time spent on projects and the employee’s growth within the organization. They make sure everyone is happy at the end of the day, their clients as well as their employees.

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