Sunvai is a technology company working on empowering citizens in the legal domain. They are the first Indian company to work in this domain. The company works toward empowering citizens while working on a process of resolving issues. Since there has been nothing like this done in the past, it seems like the entire Indian subcontinent is a targetable market. Sunvai is currently focusing on metro cities and should have them covered by 2019. By 2025, they are looking at working across the country.

Sunvai is currently being incubated out of IIIT Bangalore. It was started by Anvita Bajpai, Founder. She is an alumna of IIT Madras and IIM Bangalore, having over 13 years of experience with MNCs (Oracle, Satyam, Wipro) and startups (Decidyn, Vimagino). She is also the renowned author of 3 books, 10+ articles, 9 research papers and 10 patents filings.

According to a survey, Indian citizens face around five problems a year and most of them remain unsolved due to the citizens’ lack of understanding of legal rights. Sunvai is working on a mechanism to solve these issues. They would tackle these issues through their strong experience of building large products, through AI and machine learning.

Currently, the company is outsourcing a lot of its work. They also have a number of interns working. They are however looking for a person with a technology background. They would need assistance with an individual from the legal background and another with a business background as well.

The founder Anvita, worked with many startups in the past. She learned how they work, what works for startups and what doesn’t, she then gathered these inputs and now adds them to Sunvai. She is motivated by the challenges and opportunities that the company brings to the table. They are working on using the smallest possible team to deal with the largest possible audience.


They are soon to be launching the first version of their product. They are then planning on using it to gather customer feedback, through surveys so they will be in a better position to repair and meet their customer needs.

After being better established, they would be looking to partner with Government agencies and legal companies in India. They have already started getting their fair share of press and are working on their brand. They went ahead and got 9 patents filed. They are working on gathering a full time confounding team and might consider applying for funding after that. Currently, however, they have not applied to gather any funds.


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