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Apps Discover Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a digital ad network marketing company. They offer online affiliate programs and marketing products to their customers. This helps advertisers across multiple industrial backgrounds by promoting and creating awareness about their services. They handle this by tracking mobile ad campaigns among other things. Some of the services that they offer are, mobile application promotion, value added services promotion, subscription based product promotions etc. They do this through internet traffic monetization campaigns.

“The desire to become the google ad sense of India inspires me to keep working until I see Apps Discover among the leading players of digital ad industry”

Three major products under Apps Discover are Adjunkie, Mobjunkie and Offers board, these work together to help advertisers and developers create revenue for their products and services.

Mr. Ashish Bahukhandi is the CEO and founder of Apps Discover Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The company is headquartered in Gurgaon with offices in Singapore and Indonesia. The idea came about from his willingness to contribute in a big way to society and its betterment. He needed a lot of money to make this happen and the only way he saw feasible was through his own business and company. It seems all the work paid off since today ‘Bharoosa’ has come about. ‘Bharoosa’ is a trust that provides clothes to the underprivileged by getting them from people who are in a better place.

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What is the secret to Apps Discover and their success?

Firstly, Apps Discover is completely open with their customers, clients and employees. Secondly, their solutions can be optimized and added to any digital platform, depending on the requirements of their clients. They also use Android SDK to deliver high quality ads, which provide better results and higher payoffs.

It has never been a better time to create a big user friendly interface for advertisers and affiliates. Unlike newspapers and magazines, digital advertisements are a lot different. They have no boundaries and shortage of reaching any one around the world. Running an ad agency is a lot better today than in the previous years since there is a wider audience and target reach.

Apps Discover started in 2013 with about 10 employees. Four years later they are looking at almost 100. They do not seem to be slowing down with eyes on becoming the Google of the Indian ad market. After taking over the country, they are looking to expand throughout South East Asia. They are already looking to take over 50 – 60% of the market in the next 5 fiscal years. They see their growth in the form of their team, technology and operations. The secret to their success is their togetherness. They handle everything as a team, giving credit where credit is due. Every employee doing good work is praised for the work that they do.

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