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Cooking up a storm with healthy DIY food kits

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Awesome Chef works on do-it-yourself, ready to cook, meal kit to help their customers with their hectic schedules. They create meal kits for people to cook healthy, restaurant-style meals at their convenience in the comfort of their homes. That’s not all, they have taken this one step further, by creating a new range of healthy DIY kits that have been tested and approved by nutritionists, to aid people going through obesity, hypertension, diabetes, or other lifestyle induced health issues.

Unlike most other brands and books that provide recipes, Awesome Chef makes sure they list out all of the ingredients in their meals, from the smallest ones to the largest to the not so significant ones as well.

Based out of Chennai, Awesome Chef is the first and currently only DIY meal kit service provider based in the area. Praveen Kumar and Anjali Anand are the co-founders of Awesome Chef.

In this day and age, with the lifestyles and the work habits that most individuals are living, it becomes difficult for people to spend time buying and eating healthy. Ordering from the nearby restaurants seems like the best and fastest solution. On the flipside, there is a huge health issue with these places since no one really knows what ingredients are used and when/how they are cooked. People also order a large amount of groceries but they all end up getting wasted because they do not use them or they are not suitable for Indian cooking. Awesome Chef eliminates all these problems by providing only the required quantity along with fresh ingredients. Now customers know what goes in their food and they need to spend only 15 to 20 minutes to cook a delicious meal with the help of the instructions that come with the kit.

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The ingredients provided are the ones that are going to be consumed quite often and not kept for the next time an exotic meal is cooked. Another aspect is that the ingredients are right there, allowing customers to see what they are consuming, unlike processed food that has so much that is unhealthy in it.

There is a huge market for do-it-yourself food but it is in the initial stages. The market has potential and with lives getting busier and busier with every passing minute, it makes sense that the market will be up and coming in no time.

Awesome Chef is pushing to be a major market brand in the coming two to three years. To achieve this, they are partnering with health influencers to get better sales and create further awareness. They are already making waves with three awards, Creative Logo by Anna University, Innovative Startup 2018 from the Visionary Women’s Circle, and Upcoming Women Entrepreneur Award by a Ladies Magazine.

Awesome Chef is looking to raise their initial round of seed funding.

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