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Ayenda is a software development company that not only builds web and mobile applications, but they strategize with their clients to build innovative, “game changing” products that disrupt the industry.

We make an early investment with startups because we believe in the long-term success of our clients

Ayenda’s clientele are small businesses and startups who are passionate and excited about building their brand. According to Ayenda’s Founder, Mustafa Rahimi, “there is nothing more rewarding than helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams”. Unfortunately, most entrepreneur’s dreams are short lived. Startups and small businesses are constantly challenged by high costs and fail to withstand the test of time. Startups typically close after 5 years, and only one third survive beyond 10 years. Furthermore, start-ups have limited capital and need the expertise to quickly build a Minimal Viable Product (MVP). An MVP follows an agile software development lifecycle, where products are quickly deployed to test its success. The high cost of technology development and lack of expertise hinders most companies from quickly launching its product. Ayenda changes the equation by having the expertise and assets that lowers market barriers and technology costs. Through Ayenda’s assets, partnership, and mentoring, startups have a chance to withstand the test of time.

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Ayenda has been founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Irvine, California (USA). Mr. Rahimi, a renowned solution architect, has designed mission critical systems for fortune 500 companies. He has created an offshore partnership that has given Ayenda access to over 70 development resources across two development centers in India. The offshore partnership enables Ayenda to deliver quality products at a fraction of the cost. Ayenda is able to dynamically staff up and down resources based on their client’s need. To date, the team has successfully delivered over 200 projects across the globe. Ayenda is now looking to increase its sales and marketing team to gain exposure and expand its footprint across southern California. The entrepreneurial ecosystem in southern California is a major factor for Ayenda’s high growth potential. With targeted advertising and sponsorships, Ayenda is looking to increase its market share.

Ayenda sees itself as strategic and innovative partner that has established deep roots in its partner ecosystem. Through Ayenda’s partnerships, small businesses can get help in all aspects of technology development, including marketing, sales and legal. Ayenda’s collective experience and connections in the industry uniquely position it to be the prime technology partner for any company. The company firmly believes in its motto “Alone I can succeed, but together we can excel”.


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