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If you have been looking for someone to clean up your home in Switzerland, look no further. Batmaid is Switzerland’s number one marketplace for getting your house cleaned. The system allows homeowners to find assistance to clean up their homes. They might choose to avail of this service on a regular basis or just once for an emergency, both the options are available. The site provides vetted, insured and trusted cleaning ladies to assist with your housework.

“Batmaid’s business model creates jobs, generates extra revenues for the state, fights against the black market and removes the hassle of hiring a maid on the client’s side” makes everyone’s life so much easier since it provides you with a maid in almost no time. Something that homeowners might spend ages trying to handle. Further, Batmaid handles all the paperwork at their end, reducing the burden on busy moms and dads. The entire system is digitized which also assists their users and forces others to join the bandwagon.

For those afraid of getting an exorbitant bill, the service provides an upfront cost telling users the amount it’ll cost before confirming the booking. That’s not all, customers would see a breakup of the social and insurance cost as well. All the other paperwork, rules and regulations are handled by the software. All users have to do is select their time and dates and they would receive a break up with all the information in front of them. Clients can book live availabilities in their area that makes everything a lot easier. Other than finding a maid, the system makes sure to reduce the hassle of getting a maid from the client’s side.

They make sure all payments are made to their clients, the government and the proper process if followed. This removed the issue of black money since there is no cash used throughout the process.

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Since the platform has removed all the middlemen, Batmaid is always able to offer their clients the lowest possible prices. This can be compared throughout Switzerland. Secondly, the maids that work for the platform are some of the highest paid. So everyone’s a winner.

The platform has a thorough vetting process. That’s not all, most of the people who apply are usually using the system to supplement their income. This means that they are already working their primary job.

The company was founded in 2014 by Eric Laudet and Andreas Schollin-Borg in Lausanne with offices in Zurich and Warsaw. Warsaw is mainly the company’s IT department. Ten years from the date that they started, the company is looking to have revenue of $ 250 mil.

Currently the system employs 30 employees along with approximately 800 cleaning ladies. Looking to the future, the platform is looking for talented developers. They are also looking for staff who would be able to help the founders grow by reducing their workload.

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