Working on cleaning up the one planet we have, more efficiently

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Binando works through the logistics of waste and garbage disposal companies. They use sensors in garbage containers, or vehicles and rework or redraft the routes being taken. They also help manage garbage levels so trips being made can be calculated.

“With Binando we want to improve one of the biggest problems of our time – the littering of our planet”

The company has been founded by Nikolaos Baltsios and Moritz Pfeiffer last year, with their headquarters at Stuttgart. Nikolaos handles the business and operations of the company and Moritz the IT & Product. The idea hit them when they were talking about smart cities. They were fascinated by all the hidden information in the waste disposal industry and how they could work to digitize it. Going through the possibility of IoT and hardware devices that would be used, there seemed to be great potential. Binando has also come up thanks to the joint efforts of EnBW AG, a German electric utilities company.


Binando offers garbage disposal companies of all kinds an integrated product. They use a cloud based system to store their information. That is not all, they have sensors to track the different levels of garbage, along with the location of the truck. They also use mobile phones for the trucks to know where they are going.

The process and the strategy of digitizing such a large industry is quite appealing to the founders. More so the changes to their technology and their hardware are even more fascinating. Some of the technology they use comprises of sensor technology, navigation and connectivity solutions with IoT. They are also keen on using modern technology and creating a smart city. It would assist with effective resource management and be a lot more viable.

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Some of the challenges faced by the co founders were, dealing with an industry that is completely unorganized. They also had to identify the problems of the customers and find solutions to them. The industry was more than happy with the changes, and was completely open to a revamp.

Before beginning on something specific, the company has decided to run a bunch of pilots that would help them understand the market better. There are a lot of preparations that they would have to go through before they can release either their hardware, software or their mobile navigation. However, they are in a good enough spot to begin with the preorders of their products.

Currently, Binando is open to all kinds of partnerships in the industry. If there are other waste management companies looking to work with them, or just corporations, they are more than happy to partner. They are a compact, proactive and good team to work with. They already have a few interesting partners alongside. Seeing that there is a lot to be done in the space of waste management, they seem to have their future plan already written out for them.

In a year, they see a major part of Germany using their system. However, they also have partnerships in Austria and Switzerland at the moment in addition to the projects in Poland & Greece. Next step would be to optimize the product so that it can be used in other countries as well.

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