Adding a personal touch to the ecommerce industry

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The company is headquartered in Minsk, Belarus. It was brought together by three individuals. Vitali Dudin, works as the companies COO, along with Pavel Litvinko, the CEO and Alexej Lapotko, the CTO. Other important members on the team include Irma Koberidze, Business development manager and Siarhei Uchuhlebau, Developer. The company is currently being run by 5 employees. Moving forward, the team is looking for more back-end developers. They would also need a few more sales representatives to assist them and create awareness about their brand.

“Every day we talk to online store owners and gain a deep understanding of their challenges and how they overcome them. We realized that Woxy becomes not just another nice to have extension for online stores but necessary element of their growth strategy”

Botscape is a tech company with the main focus on AI-powered solutions. They have created Woxy – an extention for online stores which provides its customers with 1:1 personalization at scale. They are working on connecting brands with their customers and allowing them to have a personal relationship. They believe it will become the first step in reuniting people with huge brands through active and more personalized messaging.

Online stores spend about $564 billion on advertisements every year. This allows brands to get in touch with their customers and they spend about 2% of their budget to handle customer care. Botscape is giving these brands a chance to reallocate ads money to the customer service by increasing the percentage of budget spending. Going by statistics, online stores get about 43% of its customers who have shopped at the same store in the past. Companies have not started working on dealing with these repeat customers and would rather spend a lot of money trying to get in touch with new customers. Botscape saw this as a giant wasted opportunity and they thought of capitalizing on it.

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Botscape has a strong belief that customer care is the future of marketing. Smaller stores have the advantage of being able to assist their customers by providing them with personalized service. Giants like Flipkart and Amazon cannot compete on such a scale and this is something that the little guys can take advantage of.

The team is working really hard on increasing the average number of customers to the same amount the biggest ecommerce platforms have nowadays. The company is already against getting customer data to send them a bunch of newsletters in future that they would not read. They have worked out a system to assist them with a one-click checkout process. They have also worked with adding confirmations, updates and viewing products that they are interested in, all through their messenger. Their solution helps store owners to answer quickly to all customers comments and questions in more personalized way by scrapping the automate responses at all.

Moving forward they are working on the one tap purchase outside the USA. They will also be adding AI reports with dashboards and retail reports. The only thing that is currently providing the competitive advantage is their personal touch. While all their competition is looking to automate, they are looking to make customers experience more personal. Currently, the company is looking to raise $500 k to speed up their development and hiring process.

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