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Canecto is a software that understands how visitors would interact with website content. It manages to achieve this by using an advanced AI. This software informs clients how they can improve their websites based on user interaction. It calculates what is important on a website, by focusing on every element on the page. It further goes through the way that users interacted with everything and informs the client how they can improve the specific pages. Canecto reduces the complications when trying to understand advanced analytic data and gives the website owners the information they require.

“Canecto gives clients the confidence that they are not wasting their time when working on improving their website”

Canecto analyses all the data on a site, instead of providing the website team with raw data that would need a few more hours of work. Since clicks and scrolls of the website do not always provide the best picture of user interaction. Canecto does the math and assists with some predictions as well. There are about 100 mil users in web analytics and the company is targeting the group that doesn’t always go through with analyzing this information. They are targeting small and medium companies who are hiring teams of people to handle website analytics. They would be able to save some if they handled this through Canecto.

The company is headquartered in Copenhagen at the Technical University of Denmark campus. The founders of Canecto are Per Damgaard Husted, the CEO and Per Mikkelsen, the CTO. They see their product as highly needed in the IT world since there are no other competitors looking into website analytics. The alternative to their product is to use a team that would be able to handle manually.

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The founders were initially looking for a similar product to suit their needs. However, when they didn’t find one, they thought of creating one themselves. They obviously know their requirements and what to expect. They do not even need a larger team since the students at the university are assisting them along the way. The company currently has ten people working on Canecto. They are constantly pushing themselves to build a better product, and since there is a high demand for their software, they are happy to go through with it.

They have further worked on adding new features to the product to make their online marketing more transparent. The product can give clients specific feedback on how to improve text, content and even video. They are the only platform that can currently handle something like that. They are pushing themselves to further optimize the output that Canecto gives them. They are working on making it as simple as possible.

Although most of the similar companies are designed for the technically savvy, Canecto is designed for the non technical. That is why the company sees it catching on. The company has already gone ahead and patented all of their technologies. The management focuses on understand their customer needs and making slight tweaks to match their requirements.

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