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Predicting the future and helping you make the difficult decisions

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Cosmo Tech helps people in the C-suite make important and optimal decisions. Their platform simulates complex scenarios that would be the outcome of the decisions being taken. This allows for better and in a way, more informed decision making. The software informs users about the choices that they make and how they would affect the rest of the firm.

Cosmo Tech software is way more sophisticated as compared to big data and data science. They use augmented intelligence and decision management. Bottom line, they provide companies insights by catching glimpses of the future.

“Our solution is competitively priced with better performances than any other solution in the market”

Cosmo Tech can model and simulate any system in any industry or domain. They can adapt to the requirements of different industries and companies who would like to use their system. Their system has a high predictability rate and has been used by different companies in the past, thereby providing good results. Currently, the services have been used in energy, gas, transport, city planning, smart city technology, pharmaceuticals, and supply chain and logistics. It doesn’t only predict outcomes but also outcomes that might not be in the original scope.

The size of the market for a company like this is unlimited since they could model any complex system. The only limiting factor is their cost, which matches the market standard but might be considered on the higher side for small businesses. In the last three years, the company managed to double its revenue each year. That’s not all, they also added staff to total more than 70 new employees onboard. Most of their employees are based in Lyon but they have a few in Paris, the UK, and the US. Cosmo Tech has the potential to keep growing at the current rate for another two years at the least.

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Cosmo Tech is headquartered in Lyon, France but also has an office in San Francisco, USA. The company was co-founded by Michel Morvan and Hugues de Bantel. The rest of their management team includes Thomas Lacroix (CTO), Laurent Hours (CFO), and Thierry de Lumley (CRO). Cosmo Tech is looking to hire a product manager and marketer next, to look after their flagship asset management solution. Their role would be to manage the development and sale of their asset investment optimization application.

Along with their management, the rest of the team is also distinguished in their own right. They graduated and passed through more than 60 different universities. They come from different countries and speak a variety of different languages.

Although Cosmo Tech faces their fair share of competition, they managed to bag some large names in France itself. They would not always be able to pitch to large companies who have a simple functioning business model. However, when it comes to companies with a complex model, very few can do what Cosmo Tech does.

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