Taking marketing and branding to not just advertising but conversations as well

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Outlier Innovations Private Limited is allowing brands to work with unusual methods when it comes to advertising. Among their other projects, they use non traditional methods to start discussions and get customers talking about different brands. The most recent innovation that has come out of this is CupShup. CupShup is an advertising method that allows brands to advertise using branding and printing on paper tea cups to get the message out.

“CupShup is encouraging people to create something on their own on a much larger scale and make a dent in the marketing world”

They are working on getting a reach throughout the country by targeting tea stalls. CupShup is planning on getting branding and advertisements on the stalls as well as the tea cups. They have found this approach to be clutter free and allowing individuals to begin discussions during their tea breaks. It further reduces waste and allows for eco friendly advertising.

Tea is a commonly consumed beverage in India. Since most individuals go through at least one tea break in a day, it made sense to use this time to facilitate a conversation about a specific brand on a tea cup. CupShup provides tea vendors free cups with branding on them and they charge their clients for this. This stops the tea stalls dependence on plastic and other unhealthy alternatives for cups while assisting in advertising for a specific brand. The cups used by CupShup are comfortable to hold and properly designed for the same purpose, allowing for a better tea break.

In this day and age, with the giant budgets that companies like Google or Facebook have, smaller companies, barely stand a chance when it comes to advertising. With new and innovative ideas in the market, CupShup is working on changing the dynamics of this to allow everyone a level playing field. It further guarantees interaction which radio advertisements or street posters cannot always promise.

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Since the idea is novel, there is no way to know the exact extent of the market, at least at the moment. However, the company is currently only targeting India and they have a good network throughout the country. They already managed to tie up with 1000 offices, 4 airlines, more than 500 colleges and above 4000 retail tea vendors.

Outlier Innovations Private Limited, the parent company of CupShup is based out of Mumbai. It wasCo-founded by Sidharth Singh and Sanil Jain, both engineers who have experience in the IT industry. Their team members include city heads from cities across India, handled by Amit Kumar, Swati Kejriwal and Shashank Nair. CupShup covers Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore but should be expanding soon. They are looking to add a few more business developers to their team. Currently the company is making waves with 14 employees.

CupShup has taken the trouble to map an entire city to make sure the tea vendors they are selecting are in the right location, to target the right audience. Getting a large audience was only the first part; they have to make sure that they have the right audience. Technical products can be handled outside IT parks and general products, at random street corners with a large footfall.

In the past year, the company saw sales of Rs. 11M. They managed to get their hands on clients like Google, Coke, Uber, Kotak Securities, HotStar, ICICI Prudential among others.

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