Creating standardization across the ecommerce industry

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Datavora gathers information about e commerce sites and their prices for separate individual products. It does this by going through multiple websites across the internet and creates a platform where users can compare the different prices of different websites before making decision. Customers of Datavora have SaaS access to data, APIs and analytics. Every day the platform goes through thousands of data points and gathers this information.

“We are working on creating the first global leader from Tunisia”

We are living in an age where customers follow the prices of their favourite site, even if there are better options out there. Datavora will help e-marchants with making best pricing.

The company is currently headquartered in Tunis, Tunisia. Datavora is run by Oussama Messaoud, Chairman and CSO, Hedi Zaher, CEO, Acting CTO and Aymen Ferchichi, CMO. None of what they do would be possible without Hajer Mseddi, Lead software engineer and Houda Bakir, Lead AI engineer. Currently the company is working with more than 10 employees. They have their eyes set on capturing 10% of the global market by 2020. They are looking to target e-merchants, marketplaces, e commerce websites and different brands.

Datavora has a very experienced senior team, people who have more than 45 years of experience in their respective fields. They are working on doubling the number of people they are currently working with to 20 in another year.

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The proposed platform is unique since it has more than 2000 websites that it has already covered. That’s not all; it manages to gather 20 mil data points a day. Furthermore, it provides the users with pricing updates several times a day. Finally providing all the users with an AI that can go through and match different products and provide different pricing options.

The company launched in 2016, and they already had up to date technology at the time. However, they are focused on features and performance while creating a 10x larger database. The company is working on increasing the pace at which they are growing. They are doing this by raising some funding. Furthermore, they are looking to create subsidiary companies in Europe and the United States.

Datavora has raised about $ 500k in their first round of funding.

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