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Day Digital is implementing and improving HR processes through collaboration

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A Swiss business to business software company Day Digital has all the features of a corporate intranet, a digital collaboration workspace and has a few HR features. It is basically created to allow companies to outsource their corporate intranet or HR software.

“Day Digital has a high growth potential because it will become a provider of B2B next generation software”

The company is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.Day Digital says that they have the ability to grow up to more than 500 employees moving forward. Their software can be used for groups of 500 all the way up to 10000 employees. In fact, Day Digital is working on getting about 500 customers in their system in the next 5 years.

The company is making their impact with a workforce of 5 employees. They are looking to increase their marketing and sales team in the short run. They are also looking to increase the number of people in Day Digital to 15 by the end of the year. They will be working on their series A investment round so as to increase their team and hire some top of the line talent. They are looking to raise 500k in their series A round.

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The company has been started by Patrick SIKIAS, Victor Gani, Dimitar Spiroski. The founders have both worked in IT consulting and IT development in the past. They have sufficient experience in those fields. Furthermore, their team has experience in HR softwares and processes. The founders are working hard to be remembered for building good software.

Day Digital also plays close attention to what their clients have to say, and they always work toward executing their feedback. Their company is hosted in Switzerland which is not common with many IT companies and startups around. Secondly, they are one of the few companies that implemented collaboration with HR processes.

They had their competitive advantage since they were the first in the market to come up with such an idea. However, their competition does have better investment opportunities which do not work in Day Digitals favour.

Their current management team is working on creating use cases for different scenarios. This would later help them move to other industries and different segments.

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