Providing opportunities for people with the greatest talent, who might miss out on a chance to prove it

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Deal’n creates awareness about the less fortunate in society. They handle the socially and economically backward by giving them opportunities to do something more with themselves. They are given the tools to come up with their own solutions and work on whatever tickles their fancy. Bottom line, they would be able to use the tools around them and maximise their own potential.

“Deal’n provides solutions and creates opportunities based on each individual’s talents, skills or expertise and within their own abilities and capabilities”

The site has openings based on the different talents of various people, allowing them to utilize their talents to make money, and not forcing anyone to do anything that doesn’t appeal to them. If people need the services of a specific individual, say tailors; they could search on this platform and find them. Clients looking for these services would be assisting someone else with their family or personal life since these people rarely have these opportunities elsewhere.
On the flip side of the same site, it allows entrepreneurs to test out their site and their product. There are a group of experts at the other end who would go through the business idea and see if it makes sense and is feasible. It goes a step further and assists in finding the right team if need be.

Overall Deal’n is a platform providing philanthropy and the basic ecommerce experience. They have now gone a step further and introduced a new concept called ‘Individual Social Responsibility’. This gives everyone a chance to take charge of their future. The general public should play a role in shaping the future. Deal’n is also pushing for expressing different agendas, while going through the actual issues. This usually changes based on the social background of those individuals.

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The founders that include Nadia Al Sheikh are motivated by their belief that everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves. They are looking to encourage individuals to believe in themselves and push themselves to do a lot more in life. The platform allows individuals to showcase their ideas and find the right investors as well.

Deal’n assists clients with their plan to move from an idea, all the way to making some good money. They believe that startups are in need of

  • Transforming the idea into a business
  • Developing a business plan
  • A proper market research plan
  • A proper plan for getting to the market
  • Introducing or launching their business
  • Social media support

All of the solutions offered by Deal’n are out there among multiple companies. However, finding one that does all of them might be a challenge, hence Deal’n. Furthermore, while others offer subscriptions and other pricing, Deal’n doesn’t have any costs associated with their service.

Although the company has been brewing for almost a year, it has been officially started two months ago. Within such a short span, they already see some of the companies within them waiting to graduate.

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