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Debtors watch is a web based portal that helps businesses with an array of items. They allow their users to report trade defaults, perform credit checks and allow keeping tabs on credit history.

They stand out since their platform supports all types of businesses (companies, partnership firms, proprietorship firms and others) across the industry. No other platform across the country does what they do. They are creating a database of this information.

“Statistically, 10 out of 100 startups die due to delayed recoveries or non-recoveries from their customers”

All the businesses have an issue where they have a lot of invoices that have not been paid. Sometimes the outstanding invoices amount to a pretty large sum. Asking the client to pay doesn’t always work. Clients provide new and updated due dates only to go through the same process over and over again. After some research, the founder realized that it is not just the services industry that goes through this. The retail industry has to deal with it as well. That is where Debtor watch comes in.

Debtors watch allows their users to perform background checks on their clients. Further, users are allowed to add details of payment default by their customers’ on the platform which would add a dent to the defaulters’ credit history. People who are owed money no longer have to wait silently to be paid. That’s not all, the platform gathering this information would have enough in the coming years. They would then facilitate others to make informed decisions when providing credit.

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Debtors watch is currently headquartered in Mumbai. They are the first of their kind, allowing them to define their own market. They are currently working on all B2B businesses that use loans or the credit system for their customers. They are also targeting clients who delay payments. Debtors watch would be the one place allowing anyone going into business to make an informed decision.

Being founded by a chartered accountant, Deepanjan Periwal, the company knows all the ins and outs of the financial industry. Further, he has about 12 years of chartered accountancy to his credit and has worked with some leading firms. The rest of the team is made up of financial professionals, lawyers and individuals from the tech field. Together, they have all that it takes to make Debtors watch what it needs to be.

Working toward weeding out defaulters from the business community is what motivates them to move forward. Having a proper system for trade default reporting is an added advantage as well. For their upcoming 12 month plan, they are looking to create awareness across the country.

The platform has got an overwhelming response since its launch. The vision of helping businesses prevent bad debts and improve their cash flows have even attracted some of the banks and NBFC’s. These financial institutions check DW database before granting any loans and also as an early warning indicator for potential bank defaults.

With access to credit information about their customers online, anytime, anywhere, businesses now can take more informed decisions before giving any credit. To find out more, visit and watch the video on how it works.

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