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The current leaders in CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM Solutions in India

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DesignTech Systems Ltd is one of the leaders in CAD / CAM / CAE / PLM solutions. They work on additive manufacturing technologies, and engineering services provider from India. They have been in the game for about 20 years. During that time they have worked with companies from India and abroad. When it comes to challenging engineering initiatives, these companies go the distance, while receiving good returns on their investments.

“CRISIL has accorded DesignTech the rating of MSE 1 which stands for highest credit worthiness”

DesignTech works closely with Siemens in India as their platinum partner. They have also formed tie ups with global leaders. Some of these partnerships are with companies like Altair Engineering for their HyperWorks suite of solutions, Stratasys 3D Printing Technology, ESI Casting and Welding Simulation software, MathWorks for MATLAB and SIMULINK, SLM Metal 3D Printing technology, and Solidscape high precision 3D Printing solutions, DCS for 3DCS and Synopsys.

DesignTech also handles design and development services. They do this at every stage of the product life cycle. They begin along with the project, from the initial stages of concept development and they move throughout the stages up to 3D modeling and validation, product design analysis and simulation, and finally to developing interactive 3D technical documentations.

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Over the course of their history, DesignTech managed to bag a whole bunch of awards. They received the Maharashtra Government IT award in 2010; they were among the top 50 emerging companies in India by NASCCOM in 2010 along with a lot more. They work with many global companies in India. Some of these names are, Stratasys for their Additive Manufacturing Technologies, Siemens PLM Software for their PLM solutions, Altair Engineering for their comprehensive CAE suite of solutions, ESI for their Casting and welding simulation solutions, SLM for their Metal 3D Printing Technologies, among many many others.

The company is currently spearheaded by Mr. Vikas Khanvelkar. He plays the role of the Managing Director. He is the man responsible for getting the company started about 20 years ago. Other than leading the company forward, he has more than 30 years in the CAD/CAM industry. He worked at HCL Infosystems for a little short of a decade before beginning this venture. Throughout his careers with different companies and working on different technologies, he has always been light years ahead of his time and promoting technologies that most others barely heard about.

Since the start of DesignTech, he has worked on getting the CAD/CAM/CAE software in almost all SMEs across different industry segments throughout the country. He even managed to get CAD/CAM/CAE software solutions in educational institutions.

Keep your eyes open since Mr. Vikas Khanvelkar is a well known guest lecturer. He usually travels across the place giving guest lectures and talks at different educational institutions.

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