Changing smartphone gaming by adding a dicy twist

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Digidice allows users to play dice games on their smartphone. Users can use actual dices that would connect to their smart phones. Digidice is adding the thrill of throwing an actual dice and mixing it with technology and smartphone gaming. Since cell phones are taking users away from each other and into their games, this company thought of making a difference. Even users who are playing multiplayer games do not interact with others and turn into, ‘me and my phone’ type of games. With Digidice, users can game around others as well and they would have to interact to pass the dice and get another turn.

“As we are one of the pioneers in the category we have the early mover advantage”

Cell phone dice games are quite popular and they are being downloaded in the millions. Users can now replace all the different dice games that they play, with just one, Digidice. Since there are 500 mil mobile phones in the Indian market, there is definitely a large scope for such an innovation here. This platform can even be used for playing some all time favorites like snakes and ladders, or yahtzee.
The company is headquartered in Mumbai and has been started by Daksh Pandya. The rest of the team includes electronic engineers and software engineers. In the near future, the company is looking to hire product managers and content developers. The team is being run by seven employees; they also have a battalion of freelancers and interns working on their project.

Since the number of mobile phones in the market is constantly growing, and mobile phone users are looking for more online entertainment, Digidice is the best platform for them. Although the games may change, the platform can cater to different age groups using the same software. Further, Digidice although, online, allows users to connect with friends and peer groups in reality.

The ability to get their idea on paper and now see it in reality pushed the founders to get things done. Having satisfied customers was another motivating factor.

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Since they are a bootstrapped company, how fast they grow would depend solely on the amount of revenue they generate. Furthermore, the two apps that they already have in the play store have crossed a million downloads. Although this has been designed a specific way, the creators see their customers coming up with their own implications and uses for their product. The team is more than happy to customize the app based on the requirements of their users.

Moving forward, they would like to add more content to the app. They are also working on creating an iPhone version of the app which should be launched soon as well. The company is getting some amazing feedback and response to their android app.

Waiting for their patents is turning into a colossal task. Secondly working on the hardware and the application in tandem is turning out to be quite the challenge. Digidice is funded by Ekraft, which is also a bootstrapped startup.


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