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Drivezy provides a platform where people can rent cars, scooters and motorcycles with complete ease at cheap and affordable rates. Drivezy is by far the largest peer to peer marketplace for vehicles in the country. They are operational in five Indian cities and plan to expand to five additional cities by the end of 2017. They are also known for collaborating directly with the owners of the vehicles. Currently, the platform holds more than 1000 owners who have listed  over 1500 vehicles on their platform.

“Find people who believe in your vision, get them to drive along with you”

Since buying a vehicle is not feasible for everyone in the country, the company’s aim is to provide everyone access to cars and bikes with minimum hassle and at the lowest price point. Furthermore, people rarely use their cars for more than a few hours a day, and it would only make sense for them to rent out their vehicles to generate an additional source of income on the side.

Drivezy is headquartered in Bangalore. The company was founded and is managed by Ashwarya Singh – the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Hemant Kumar Sah – the Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder, Vasant Verma – the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder  Abhishek Mahajan – the Co-Founder and Amit Sahu – the Co-Founder .

They have  operations in Bangalore, Goa, Mysore, Mangalore Mumbai and Pune and are planning to expand to Chennai and Hyderabad by the end of 2017. To meet the high levels of demand in all these additional cities, the company is looking to add more vehicles to their inventory. They plan to add an additional 3,500 cars and 1,500 bikes to their inventory by January 2018.

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The Indian rental vehicle market is still at a nascent stage in India. Further, there is a challenge with private vehicle owners who prefer not to involve themselves with something so complex that entails multiple moving parts. This is usually because of the unpredictability of repairs, maintenance, taxes and other costs that the owner might have to bare. On the flipside, the generation joining the workforce is not interested in purchasing personal cars and are looking for similar alternatives. Trends in India are changing with the rise of companies like AirBnb, Ola, Uber among others that are encouraging sharing. People are looking to rent vehicles, for short and long term durations, that they would be able to utilise to commute around the city.

Drivezy is also entering the sphere of cryptocurrency and predictive analysis. Since both these domains are fairly new, they aspire to get a big piece of the pie.  The Drivezy team works together as a unit and not individuals in reaching these goals. Each member of their team adds a new skill set to the table. Their corporate goal is to reduce the cost of personal transportation and all employees at the Drivezy team work round the clock to come up with ground-breaking ideas and technological advancements in order to reach the company’s vision and goal. Currently, the team has employed 180 people across different verticals of the company.

Moving forward, Drivezy will spend their resources in building a superior platform and a larger fleet. This will enable them in getting more partners and clients on the platform. They already have a separate team in place to work on listing more travel related content on their website.

Most of the competition in the space had a head start on Drivezy’s car-sharing concept. This helped them in a major way since they are now established leaders in the market. Drivezy is still working on creating more brand awareness and visibility across the country. They also plan to launch an emergency helicopter service in the next month, for rescue operations, in situations where users getting stranded at odd hours in remote locations.

Currently, Drivezy is available on the app store and the play store for iPhone and Android.

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