A new innovation with augmented reality, changing the social media experience

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DropTo is an innovative new app that stores images at the location that they were shared. Anyone who wants to see a photo or video would have to then travel to the location where it was shared. They would then use an AR camera that has been created for the app to be able to see the images and tap on them. The company is reworking the way social media content is shared. They are breaking the walls restricting users to computers, and instead allowing them to step out into the real world. Users will work with a different experience when they are looking at images through their phone and no longer at their phones.

“Other apps are bonded to their UIX and core features, DropTo has its own identity that’s completely innovative”

After hearing so much about technology and social media, taking people away and disconnecting them from reality. It only made sense to come up with a product that would get them back to reality, allowing them to make real friends. DropTo wants to help individuals share memories with real friends in real places.

GPS and AR technology is quite big today and if the trend continues, they are just getting bigger. Smartphones are being created for an AR experience, so the company began working directly on phones.

The company is headquartered in Turin, Italy. Sadly though, it will not be based there for long. They are planning on moving to the Silicon Valley by February. The company will be officially launching their product around that time at their new headquarters. The company was founded by Stefano Tosini – CEO & Co-founder, Marco Tosini – CFO & Co-founder, Francesco Scrufari – CTO & Co-founder, Simone Offredo – CPO & Co-founder. They are motivated by creating interesting apps that people can use. They are also bored of the current messaging platforms and the ‘same old’, ‘same old’ social media sites.

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The plan is to work with high schoolers and college students. They are also planning on working in large metropolitan cities, with the proper infrastructure to make something like this possible. They would head out to universities as well. Within the first 9 months, attracting 10% of the 13-25 age groups in the US, is their current realistic target. They are planning on handling this in different parts of America so as to hit their 1 mil users’ mark.

They also see the app as turning into one of the best ways to promote places. It can even be used to promote products, store and make major changes in the advertising sector.

Their app would use GPS and be quite dependent on the AR based system that comes along with it. Users would only be able to see these images by heading to the location where they were dropped. Key additions to the app would include animating the drop points. They are also planning to work with semi 3D photos with no backgrounds.

The biggest issue that they see moving forward is gathering enough funding to hit a million users. In their first crowd funding campaign, they managed to raise 150 k Euros in 15 days. In their second crowd funding campaign, they are planning on raising 200k Euros and they have already managed to get about 170k pushing them a lot closer to their target.


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