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Finding the right school or college can always be a challenge. Now a days with so many options and different factors that have to be considered, it is tougher than ever. Eduluk is an educational platform that allows clients to find the right institution by going through some key metrics and analyzing a lot of data. This Delhi based company allows users to find any educational institution by filtering through states, districts, areas, and locations at the most micro level. That’s not all, it also provides information about teachers, students, the affiliation between the Government or the specific board.

Today Eduluk provides information about 1.5 mil institutions across the country. This is only in the range of kindergarten to the twelfth standard. They also have 42,000 institutions in the higher secondary range.

“We are not enquiry generators for the Institutions but help institutions create their own branding”

Since they have such a large inventory, they are in their own way a leading platform. The platform also assists parents and students when they are struggling with different streams or choices. Most parents have always been looking for such a database with all their choices, locations and costs and Eduluk solves this issue for them.

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Currently headquartered in New Delhi, the company is looking to go global. They plan to have their operations expand in multiple countries in another two years. Their current market comprises of any student looking for admission. They also go a step further to include parents wondering what their kids’ next step should be. Moving forward, they are working toward coaching and test preparations on their website.

Who would have thought that a team gathering first hand information and hunting through the internet a few years back, would be this large now? Looking to the future, they are planning on getting their hands on 50% of the accessible market of students. This wasn’t as difficult as it sounds since both the founders, Manu Mital and Shalini Mital, come from an educational background. The skills they acquired along the way were patience and improved communication since they were dealing with so many different people.

Currently the team is being run by four people. They know the success of their idea since they have a shared vision. Furthermore, they have worked together in the past so are guaranteed to succeed. They are also motivated by their internal satisfaction and the general happiness of their clients. Since the same information is not easily available elsewhere, their customers have to keep coming.

There are a lot of educational sites out there, but without an inventory like Eduluk, they are not really competition. Eduluk has started getting some funding coming in. They are working toward machine learning and big data analysis as well. They are looking to break even in twelve months. Although finance and the right manpower are a bit difficult to come by, Eduluk will get to where they are heading in no time.

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