Pushing for a more secure future through blockchain technology

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EnLedger.io is a tech startup that focuses on blockchain energy-tech, geo-tech, supply-chain and medical / pharma data-systems. Their idea is to achieve ecologically positive or socially beneficial impacts using blockchains with built-in behavioral incentives. EnLedger’s EnergyChain is an energy-efficient blockchain platform that helps optimize and fund the new decentralized energy grid. Energy Efficiency Coin (EECoin) enables society to directly incentivize the production of energy from renewable .sources instead of fossil fuels.

“EECoin can be used to buy shares in renewable energy microgrid projects at EnLedger.io, and as the “gas” for transactions and microcomputation within EnergyChain blockchain”

The EnLedger.io web portal was created to enable people to interact with blockchain technologies in new and innovate ways, enabling users to store and access energy, home, health, property data, even personal information, in a blockchain-enabled data environment. This means that the information they have gathered is completely safe (optionally encrypted), timestamped, and it can be perfectly verified and securely accessed using permission tiers.

Furthermore, EnLedger is spearheading a movement where they are working together with tech savvy healthcare companies. HealthcareCoalition.org is a networking group among ‘blockchain companies’ working together on medical supply-chain project, sharing info and working on pitches and tech together. The end goal is giving patients better ownership over their medical records, acheiving better patient decisions and treatment outcomes, even tracking drug shipments and fighting counterfighting and prescription fraud.

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Blockchain may be a disruptive technology, but it’s also a modernizing force. EnLedger is helping companies take old analog systems and digitize them. For example, some renewables energy credit systems are still printed on paper and kept in filing cabinets. This blockchain technology will bring these systems into the present-age, technologically, maybe even into the near-future.

Block has gone from a $5 Billion industry to a $180 Billion industry in the last two years. This technology, if utilized properly, has the ability to upgrade and harden energy, data, and financial systems. This will help the general public with personal data and privacy, keeping data safe but also giving people control over how their own data gets monetized, and for how much, and who gets to see it. For example people might share their medical history in an anonymized way with clinical trial researchers, for a small payment.

EnLedger’s coporate headquarters is near Washington, D.C. and their first office will open in 2018, in Denver, Colorado. The company is now growing slowly but steadily while maintaining their company schedule and great team culture. Founded by Jason Dispenza, CEO, and Ryan Molecke, CTO, the team now has over a century of experience in the energy-tech vertical. EnLedger is currently moving along with 8 employees but they are looking to increase this to 20 in 2018.

The company is looking for more pilots in the global energy space, in the US/Europe and Africa. They are looking to increase their development team to support early pilots and project deployments in these regions. They are building an international support network of qualified professionals. Their team works to create awareness about the company, and about the blockchain industry as a whole.


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