Adding the artificial intelligence angle to investments making them more predictable

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One of the major issues that investors have to go through is the uncertainty about the company that they are investing in. Equbot makes this easier by going through already available information and coming up with the next best investment opportunity. The company uses an advanced AI that calculates information from over 6000 US publicly traded companies. EquBot is an IBM Global Entrepreneur Company.

“EquBot is the first team uniting Artificial Intelligence (AI) throughout the investment process within an exchange traded fund, and unmatched data analysis”

This new system is looking to reduce or completely eradicate a wealth based system that discriminates between companies throughout the financial markets. They are doing this using innovative technology. They are trying to make a difference in the global equity market which is currently in the trillions of dollars. Based on the market they are tackling, they have the potential to become a multibillion dollar company soon.

The company is currently based in San Francisco. The company has been founded by Chida Khatua, Art Amador, and Chris Natividad. Equbot is one of the first companies to bring AI to the general public, especially in the field of investments. Although the company has the right talent to handle AI and investment, they are looking to get their hands on PhDs in AI and machine learning. They would later be working with PhDs in finance as well. Equbot currently has 11 employees and this would increase with their new additions.

They have a highly capable team with a deep understanding of their end game. That’s not all; they have the right experience in AI and investment which are the two most important pillars for their company at the moment.

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Fixing a market covered with so much guessing and gambling, would be one of the most motivating factors they have to work with. Their mission statement is to eliminate wealth-based discrimination throughout financial markets using innovative investment technology. After working with their platform, users can make informed investment decisions since they would be receiving insights from over 6000 public companies.

The company has a lot of competition when it comes to the stock market, but Equbot is the only company to bring AI to the table. This automatically gives them an advantage that others do not have. They have filed, three provisional patents and they have another three in the pipeline.

Their biggest milestone is adding over $ 100 mil in assets before the end of this year. Next major milestone would be to add over $1 Billion by the end of the following year, October to be exact. Getting into the market is not as easy as it may seem, there are large regulatory barriers. The cost to get into the market is not cheap either. They would further need to get approvals by the SEC as well.

They are planning on accelerating early traction by making strategic partnerships that would go a long way. That’s not all; they are also planning on raising some funding. The company is looking to raise $ 1.2 mil in funding.


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