Connects artists and their fans giving them a surprise on their special day

0 2,753 is world’s first personal media platform that allows users to surprise someone with a personalized video of their favorite artists. Users can buy a personalised video for someone on birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or just for fun to make the day way more special.

“Do unique things and do everything for the extra mile, make sure that the customers are very happy”

Fantube’s team has many years of experience in the entertainment industry and they work with some amazing technologies. They have created a platform for fans and a mobile application for the artists. The mobile application has been optimized to perfection to save the artist a ton of time. This benefits them and their managers and they don’t mind using the app. This bridges the gap between fans and their favorite artists, which has quite often been a difficult connect. Artists finally have a stable connect between their fans in a smart, stable and efficient way. That’s not all, the system also has its own dashboard allowing artists to personalize it to match their requirements. The dashboard is shared with the artists and their teams.



There is a great opportunity for such a feature since it can be used by all kinds of artists in different categories, whether it’s sports, movies, music, YouTubers or comedians. As the platform starts getting used by artists and promoted by them, it will gain traction. The platform is setup as an international platform since every country would have celebrities who would be able to use it.

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Pajasa is headquartered in Berlin and is run by Eugène Hendrikx, the CEO and Marco Groenendijk, the CTO. They are working on getting 5% of the world’s market in the next 5 years. This calculates to roughly 2000 artists. is looking to get their hands on a USA based strategic partner who would be better equipped at getting American artists. The company currently has two employees. Both members of the team have sufficient expertise in both the aspects of their company. The acquiring talent and artist management aspect and the app development.

The founders are motivated by the amount of joy they bring fans when they receive videos sent to them by their icon. Seeing how much a short video can mean to them, drives the company to get more such people on their platform.

The company is heading out to get investment so as to move to the next round. They are already an equipped team who can handle the development angle but they are looking for strategic advantages in order to connect with more celebrities. They are working on creating an easy to use and basic product in terms of features to get more people onboard.

The platform provides their artists with unique information from their fans. This would help the artists when recording the personal video. Most of their competition has been in the market for ages, while has just started four months ago and already works with some of the biggest artist in the world (DJ Armin van Buuren & NikkieTutorials).

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