Predicting micro-climatic conditions and crop diseases to enable growing more and growing better

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In many parts of India, the agriculture practises being followed are very traditional. A lot of the
decisions currently taken by farmers like when to irrigate, how much to irrigate, when to spray etc
are based on gut instinct and guesswork, which doesn’t always guarantee the best results. Fasal
enables farmers to move towards data driven concrete decision making, enabling them to grow
more and grow better.

Fasal is an AI-powered, Internet of things (IoT) platform for the agricultural ecosystem. It records a variety of growing conditions on the farm, greenhouses, net houses, poly houses etc. The system then makes use of AI to make predictions and insights which are available to farmers on any device. The founders of this company belong to families with deep roots in farming. This gave
them unique opportunity and perspective to better understand the whole ecosystem.

Fasal LogoThe company currently operates from their Nasscom Centre of excellence-IoT office in Bangalore, where they are also being incubated at . Fasal is founded by Shailendra Tiwari and Ananda Verma. They are a team of 7 people including advisers from various domains coming together in an attempt to build value for the farmers of this nation and beyond. According to market research agencies, the global market for precision agriculture could grow to $6.34 billion by 2022 so it is fair to say that there is a lot of growth in the industry. Furthermore, the company is in a good position since the Government is also looking to participate in similar initiatives to assist farmers double their income by 2022.

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Fasal is attempting to solve two biggest pain points affecting the farmers in the current scenario.
They being crops dying due to pests and diseases and the second being uncertain climate which
effects crop yield extensively as years pass by. They solve for them by sensing data directly from
the field and making predictions of the fields micro-climate as well as possible disease and pest
developments allowing farmers to prevent outbreaks instead of reacting when the diseases have
happened. The team plans to focus on adding more disease predictions to their offering along
with market expansion. They will continue to focus on enhancing their AI capabilities this year.


Compared to the companies in the west, Fasal is already at an advantage since India is a lot more
cost-efficient. Furthermore, the team believes that their farming background has helped them
reach out to farmers in a more empathetic way and will remain an advantage going forward . They
are currently in traction stage and looking for more and more partners to collaborate with them in
taking their offering to farmers. They also plan to onboard more agro-based companies to their
customer list this year.

The team is also working on a research paper and they are planning on filing a couple of patents
as well. They initially raised $ 45k from friends and family. They further managed to raise $ 120k
through Zeroth.ai, Asia’s first Artificial intelligence accelerator and funding program where they
are being accelerate at.

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