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Filigrade is an interactive watermark creation company. Watermark and watermark designs work on a different level. Filigrade does this using an invisible code concealed in the design of a package. This code is unique, cannot be copied and made in such a way that it can be applied to any version of the product. The app that can assist with copy detection, product information, tracking and tracing, or selecting the package in the waste stream for recycling purposes.

“It has never been so easy for a brand owner to directly engage with consumers through the printing or packaging channel without any interference of retailers or others in between”

Some of the features of Filigrade are anti-counterfeiting in 2D and 3D, which is quite interesting. Users would get their entire product information while just scanning this code using the app. It assists with tracking and tracing the whereabouts of their products. This is especially useful in large stores or franchises throughout the country. The best part being that it works with plastics, metal and on many other surfaces. Tracing this information, and following the correct protocol allows brands to know how their products work with their customers. They can further track this information across different stores around an area, to give them a better understanding of where and how specific products sell by understanding their customer behavior.
Another amazing feature of Filigrade is their anti counterfeit for their printed designs, thanks to their digital watermark. If their designs are scanned to be copied, it would not work out. It is impossible to scan printed dots and recreate them perfectly, since these are in the background of the design.

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The company was started in the Netherlands, in 2012. This was the same year that they released their products to Food Sense, a Dutch entity. Food Sense used to sell their products to school children with a hidden joke in it. The students would have to scan a new code everyday to watch the video and understand the joke for that specific day. This little trick increased their sales by 25% that year without mass marketing.

Thanks to the system created by Filigrade, brands can send new instructions to their customers on a regular basis. Normally brands would have to print this information on their product to interact with customers. Now they can handle the same using their app. It makes it a lot easier and allows them to get a lot more traction, without having to spend on a redesign. Further, they can change the instructions for different products that might have been a colossal task in the past.

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