Providing better accessibility in household maintenance while fixing an industry

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If you needed a one stop shop for all your service requirements, Gapoon is the place to go. Gapoon covers the complete domain of maintenance & renovation services where a handyman could help. They currently have plumbers, carpenters, AC mechanics, house cleaning, pest control, tiling, as well as civil work among many other things. The company has pioneered maintenance packages to assist their clients annually if they required as well.

“There is lack of proper attribute mapping for vendor allocation, limited control over standard operating procedures, lack of standardization on the price and service delivery scope so we are working with GMC- an annual subscription model which should provide a stable solution to the industry’s bottlenecks”

What helps them stand apart are the different packages that they use based on the requirements of their clients. They provide unlimited access to all or any features that would have to be looked into. Further, clients would not have to pay for every service either, & Gapoon provides year long guarantee after the work is done. This allows their customers to not just fix repairs but also an annual saving of about 30% with preventive audits, periodic servicing & unlimited breakdowns.

They also have a professional vendor pool, more than capable of providing for the requirements their clients need. They put their vendors through an extensive training schedule which assists them a big deal. This creates a team of loyal vendors who they can always rely on to get their work done.

Their subscription packages also allows them to develop long-term partnerships with house owners, developers, property management aggregators, restaurants & retail outlets by managing their property as a maintenance partner while management focus on their core business offerings.

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Gapoon is working towards solving the issues of the Indian home maintenance industry which is one of the biggest and most chaotic markets in India. There is no functional system currently out there that would be able to organize this market. There is a complete lack of standardization, delivery or price making it quite difficult to work with.

There are no proper stats about the market but based on the limited information out there, it seems that it can be evaluated at $20b. This is based off 300 million Indian users.

Gapoon is currently based in Bangalore, India. The four founders of this company are Apoorva Mishra, Ankita Asai, Ankit Bindal & Nikhil Gupta. The company is working with 14 people including the core team. The different teams that they have work in operations, marketing and technology departments.

It started when one of the founders had a pretty bad experience with a plumber in Bangalore a few years before. After hearing both sides of the story, he realized how bad the industry was and how much work would be needed to clean it up. They began working on this system shortly after. They are currently working on creating a sustainable business and they are very close to becoming the first startup in the industry to achieve net profitability while maintaining growth targets. They have an automated intelligence, in house built system and a mapping algorithm that makes sure that customers receive the best quality, all the time. Also, makes the model lean & easily scalable to other geographies as well.

Gapoon recently completed their pre series A round and they managed to gather $250000 from an angel investment firm & they are looking forward to utilizing this funding towards product & technology enhance to drive a superior service quality along with favourable unit economics.

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