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Have you ever felt like you need to increase your user acquisition and retention? Let’s face it; we all want more users on our platform, don’t we? Look no further, that’s exactly what ‘GetSocial’ does. GetSocial is a company that delivers software as a service solution for mobile apps, providing them with marketing and growth tools to drive organic user acquisition and social engagement. Started in 2014, by Viral Patel, the founder and COO, and Jeroen Bouwman, the CEO, GetSocial now has offices in Ukraine and the Netherlands.

“With increasing number of apps entering the market, it comes as no surprise that most of them fail to keep their users actively engaged and turn them into brand ambassadors”

GetSocial taps into the growing user base of messaging apps and social networks to increase user acquisition through word of mouth marketing. It improves monetization, and decreases marketing expense, by increasing retention and engagement through connections between users which creates a social network inside the app, turning users into influencers.

With GetSocial app publishers (and developers), need one tool (GetSocial ) for acquiring, connecting and engaging players, which otherwise they have to source from different service providers.

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For GetSocial the market opportunity is huge, since the app market is growing by approx 5,000 new apps a day and as a result user acquisition (UA) is getting more and more expensive. And this cost continues to rise as the average app loses 77% of its daily active users (DAUs) within the first 3 days after the install, and 90% within the first 30 days. Statistically, it is a lot cheaper to retain existing users as opposed to acquiring new ones. GetSocial increases engagement that helps retain users for much longer, and taps into the player loyalty to further accelerate word of mouth marketing driving organic growth.

Ideal customers for GetSocial, are any individuals or organizations for whom a mobile app is not a by-product. GetSocial is a leading solution in one of the fastest growing market and is the only solution that addresses the entire user lifecycle (from acquisition to retention) in one solution.

GetSocial team is passionate about building innovative solutions to help their customers overcome the growing challenges of user acquisition and retention in the crowded app marketplace. Given their agile practices, they are able to work fast and respond to their customers’ needs without anything getting in their way. With all the attention that GetSocial is getting, they are looking to expand their sales and marketing team.

Jeroen and Viral have always been motivated by a dedicated and passionate team at GetSocial. They credit the company’s success to their team who have been pivotal to their growth and success.

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