Branding and advertising over a warm cup of chai

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Gingercup is a company handling advertising on paper cups. They work on branding paper cups
and distributing them at locations where they get a lot of attention. Currently targeting IT parks,
offices, colleges, railways and many other places. That’s not all, they handle this at no cost. This
novel idea is catching up since it allows companies to engage with customers on a regular basis.
Every tea break that people spend sipping their tea, they are engaging with a new brand.

GingerCup has also collaborated with reputed airlines and Indian Railways such as Jet Airways,
Indigo, TruJet, GoAir and Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, respectively.

This branding works well depending on the audience being targeted. The company makes sure
they use the right brands, on the right cups, at the right location.

The offline media scope in the country is estimated at 60,000 crores and is growing at 15% per
year. The company has the potential to grow much larger, thereby competing with much bigger
media houses. Since India is primarily a tea drinking country, the options for marketing and
branding are limitless. The company is looking to create a few more creative ideas as well to
improve their branding strategy.

Not many companies thought that paper cup advertising would catch on, so Gingercup needs to
put in the additional effort creating awareness and popularise the idea. Although, not following a
mainstream and novel idea, does give the company a competitive edge over its competition.

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The company has been started by founder and CEO, Deepak Bansal with co-founder, Devleena
Neogi. They are currently based in Bangalore. Presently, the team has 16 full-time employees.
Gingercup is already looking at three times their current growth in the next three years.


The company is looking to implement more technical support and a streamlined process to assist
their clients from the start of the campaign to the end. Unfortunately, not being completely
established causes clients to not easily venture into cup advertising, unlike the mainstream forms
of branding already quite popular and easily receiving traction.

The company did receive some seed investment through Sanket Gupta, Programme Lead at
Google USA and Rahul Shah, Technical Lead at Ola. This allowed Gingercup to receive an annual
turnover of a little over Rs. 2 cr. Some of their current clients include, BookMyShow, Uber,
Hotstar, Gillette, Viacom 18 – Colors, Huawei and Pizza Hut among many others.

Gingercup has already distributed 35 million cups of tea in 25 Indian cities and they are just
getting started. More than 80 companies ended up using a teacup to brand themselves and they
felt like they saw it succeed.

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