Global Incubation Services (GINSERV)

To assist startup and entrepreneur dreams take flight

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Global Incubation Services (GINSERV) works with startups through the multiple services that they offer. They offer services in the fields of affordable space, mentoring, seed funding, networking and many others. There are many individuals out there who have great ideas for a company but might not know the first thing about starting one. GINSERV would like to get their hands on some of these individuals and assist them with starting their own venture and watching it turn into a successful business.

One of their programs assists innovators on how to raise the right amount of investment moving forward. They also teach them how to minimise the risk of failure and thereby increase the odds of success. Further, it shows beginners how to reduce the use of financial and human resources when they are getting started to help them stay afloat longer.

Mr. Vinod Shankar is the Chief operating officer at the incubation center. He has been in the startup ecosystem for a little less than 2 decades. He has been assisting startups with sales and marketing, investments, business development, client relationship management, and team management. When he began his career in Software Sales, he had to travel extensively to over 30 countries across 5 continents and this seems to have worked out well in passing on the knowledge about multiple geographical market strategies to the start-ups.

All his hard work paid off and GINSERV has been ranked 7th among the top 100 incubators in India. Around 160 startups have incubated from their incubation center. These startups have been from various branches such as, ICT, Semiconductors, E-commerce, CleanTech, MedTech, FinTech, IoT and Clean Energy Initiatives, among others.

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IIT Bombay’s SINE

The technology business incubator operates from Bangalore. They are connected with National Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB), Department of Science and Technology (DST), and the Government of India. Further, they provide high end work spaces, and mentoring and funding to startups looking to incubate through this center. They are working on helping startups function in a cost effective way, without ruining their vision, professionalism or image.

GINSERV conducted more than 435 events for their startups, to facilitate networking and connections with the right people. 14 companies that have passed through here have shown a success rate of more than 200%. Currently, the incubation center holds about 63 startups in their midst.

The incubation center connects startups with experts in the same field to assist them moving forward. They have continuous workshops and seminars to assist their incubatees. These workshops sometimes have technical training programs to assist companies and their employees. GINSERV also assists with the funding needed by companies. They further conduct mock due diligence sessions so companies understand what they have to do were they to be in such a situation. The Department of Science and Technology also provides grants and funding that the incubation center uses to offer seed funding to their deserving startups. VCs also regularly visit the center allowing startups to pitch their ideas and receive funding.

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