Making carpooling a lot more efficient

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GoKid is a complete carpool solution for schools, small groups, and families. GoKid was founded by Stefanie Lemcke who is looking to create a trusted and comprehensive way for families to manage carpools. She is looking to provide assistance to schools, parents and other groups to help with carpooling. Right now, GoKid is being used in 25 different countries and 650 different cities. The system has seen about 55,000 carpools already scheduled.

Almost 50% of schools in the US do not have a dedicated bus system. This means about 32mil students travel with their parents to and from school. This could be made a lot easier using GoKid’s amazing system. Further, this would help the environment in a big way, by reducing emissions, traffic congestion and the hours parents spend driving.

“An easy-to-use carpool solution for parents, teams, camps, through an app and web interface”

The GoKid carpool app is available on a mobile-friendly website and as an iPhone app. The app allows parents to set up their carpools and invite other trusted families to participate and drive. Different participants can be invited to return trips. It also allows parents to set up alerts, notifications, and reminders. Since the app is very easy to use, many parents who aren’t technologically savvy are working with it.

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In addition to the main carpooling app, the company has created GoKid Connect, a platform through which they are working directly with schools and other institutions to help connect families who want to carpool but don’t know who lives nearby. GoKid Connect can be licensed by schools and integrates with the GoKid carpool app to provide a secure portal for families within a school to find others who live nearby within that same school – they can then connect and set up a carpool. This works using the family’s location as well as allowing families to filter by grade and different activities children participate in.

GoKid is headquartered in New York and Detroit, USA. The company has been backed and receives funding from venture capitalists. It has been backed by many big names from the car industry. Fontinalis Partners, Jaguar Land Rover’s InMotion Ventures and Techstars are some of their investors. It is predicted that the global connected vehicle market will reach $181 billion by 2020 making their field of business very profitable.


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