Governments and startups see a positive future working together to availing better opportunities and positive outcomes

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After spending ages away from technology, the Government and startups have decided to work together to bring technology to the places where it matters, Governance. Most people have seen this happen through baby steps with the Election Commission using apps for real-time election results, the coffee board using tech to automate coffee brewing patterns. Governments have now upped their games and are working toward solving bigger issues like health care, sanitation, agriculture, transportation and so much more.

In Andhra Pradesh, Babu Munagala used his company’s blockchain technology to digitize land records of about 1 lakh farmers. The technology took a few months, but managed to get everything digitized by December of last year.

Startups are taking this initiative further, and stepping into rural areas with solutions, like BioSense Technologies a Mumbai-based startup that built diagnostic devices for chronic diseases. They are working with the Maharashtra government to improve access to healthcare.

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