Improving health and lifestyle by making informed healthy decisions

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Solving for availability of nutrition solutions which includes functional F&B, dietary supplements & preventive care products to reduce disease risk factors in the physical wellness space arising from lifestyle challenges, thus enabling to live a healthy& disease free life.

“We are working on providing accessible, effective healthcare, and minimizing disease risk factors in the physical wellness space by providing access to nutrition solutions”

HealthSocho is a platform that works to provide product & content based solutions encompassing the 2 pillars of wellness – Prevention & Rejuvenation. The system works as a recommendation platform integrated with the wellness goals & lifestyle challenges. So the platform does not just provide a product categorization but instead provides an entire ecosystem which includes content &multiple levels of product curation (Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Nutraceutical, Organic & Herbal) for a single wellness goal or ailment.

Owing to high incidence of diabetes, hypertension, Cardio-vascular ailments, Osteo-arthritis, Osteoporosis etc. coupled with low incidence of health insurance in India& increase in Consumer awareness on health problems and their urge to take preventive steps, the sector is bound to grow in the coming years.

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 21% to reach $10bn by 2022 from the existing levels of $4bn

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The company is currently headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. HealthSocho has been founded by Saurabh Satija – Co Founder & CEO, Anshul Sikri – Co Founder, Nikunj Tyagi – Co Founder, Anudeep Sharma – Tech Consultant and Pawan Shetty – Tech Lead.

The company is looking to add some more people to their fold for their sales &operations department. All the different blends from various departments of marketing, branding, technology and pharma help in the mix to create an amazing team. The company currently has four rockstar employees, but they are looking to add a few more moving forward.

HealthSocho’s vision is to provide accessible healthcare to the masses by equipping its users withrelevant information about the various nutrional gaps and thus guide in the discovery ofpreventive care.

HealthSocho has a team that works their content in an amazing way, and this is what is giving them a competitive advantage over everything else. HealthSocho has raised funds from friends and family and are now actively looking to engage with strategic partners for support.

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