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Helix tech is a mobile first startup based out of the tiny state of Goa. They are looking to build and create mobile apps for people not very technologically advanced. Some of their apps are in the sectors of healthcare, economic empowerment, education, public utilities etc. In many cases, they partner with entrepreneurs, and work with their ideas. They work toward finding the right market for their clients ideas, validating them and helping them scale up.

Two IT grad students started Helix out of an incubation center about four years ago. Today the company has a strong foundation and is moving to new sectors. With their eyes on new markets with wearables, machine learning and IOT they have a strong foothold in mobility. They are working toward a development center in Bangalore, and Istanbul and Hanover for their business offices and finally with their head office in London.

“They come for the cost and stay for the quality”

With globalisation, and connection through the internet, the world is a much smaller place. People are looking for the best deal that they can get without compromising quality. When Helix tech receives outsourced work, they prefer working with an exclusive local partner. It generally avoids miscommunication, since there is one point of contact. This involves a short term tie up with local design firms. These design firms would handle the pre development work. This model has served them well in Europe, the middle east and North America. Further forming lasting relationships with a bunch of companies and startups along the way.

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Android being cheap and and easily accessible has become a favourite in developing countries. Although you see a lot of iPhones in the west, the Android market is not far behind. Since Android phones are catching up, there is a large market for Android app development. The major pain point for Android are the different phone specifications, that make delivery and QA a little tougher. To counter this, Helix uses AWS which easily creates the environments they require for a thorough testing.

Other than Android, Helix, also works with iOS. Since most of their clients are based in North America, Europe and the middle east which are majorly iOS run markets. Investing in the apple market back in their beginnings, they are now reaping the benefits of durability and longevity of Apple’s ecosystem.

Although IT has been around for a couple of decades now, there are significant changes always up and coming. Currently Helix offers Data science, machine learning and natural language processing as their main features. Further, they are working with AWS and the Google cloud platform.

Startups make up 80% of the business they receive and are more than happy to work with their core offerings. Their future looks good since they are working with new languages and riding the changes in the IT world. Helix is also working on some white label apps in travel, fashion and transport.


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