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The healthier option at your dinner table

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If you enjoy homemade food as much as most Indians, iD Fresh Food is the answer to your prayers. The platform provides Indian delicacies that you can prepare in record time, not compromising on health or taste. The range of products includes different batters for Idlis, dosas and other Indian dishes without preservatives or any added flavors.

“It is a mammoth task to get customers to believe that our products are natural, fresh and free of any additives or chemicals”

The company is trying to get its customers to go back to eating traditional and healthy but without spending too much time cooking. iD Fresh Food is ideal for the busy working class population, who don’t always have the time to cook. Being busy shouldn’t mean that they should compromise on their health. Most of the work in cooking the meal is already done and iD is a professional kitchen assistant to the homemaker. She adds her magic to the food and serves it to the family.

iD Fresh Food initially started in Bangalore. Today the company operates in South India, Maharashtra and UAE. The company is still growing and has received positive returns in the last couple of years. They even increased the number of products they initially had to provide their discerning consumers healthy food options.

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The company is run by PC Musthafa, Abdul Nazar, Jafar TK, Shamsudeen TK and Noushad TA. They’ve no prior experience in food or hospitality. Currently the company has about 1500 employees and they are looking at growing their numbers further.

They have been in the game since 2006 and are looking to give back to society and also generate employment opportunities.  The best way they see handling this is by providing the working population with healthy meal options. They handle product delivery and make sure their options are healthy, with no preservatives or added food color and artificial flavors. Their brand focuses on healthy meals, without compromising time or taste. Further, their team’s determination to raise their cooking bar only does the company more good. They have quite a large customer base in India currently and are only getting bigger.

Some of the products you could get through them are Idli Dosa batter, Udupi-Style Batter, Ragi Batter, Parotas, Chapattis, Idiyappam, Naan, Kulcha, Curd, Paneer etc. There is a lot of competition especially in the packaged foods department. They Build world class plants expand to newer geographies and launch new products chain, so they can get to the market faster than before. Creating their internal delivery system made more sense to them over depending on a third party to assist them.

Unfortunately, since their products are all natural and without preservative, they do not have as long a shelf life as their competitors. Convincing the market that all packaged food isn’t unhealthy is a bit of a task.

The company has managed to raise investment and received $ 25 mil from Premji invest which is assisting them at getting bigger and more brand awareness, build world class plants, expand to newer geographies and launch new products.

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