Offering a helping hand through difficult medical services in India

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Since there were a bunch of people looking for end to end travel medical service, IndiCure pioneered the system to make this happen. They offer complete pre medical travel advisory and complete assistance in medical treatment and makeover in India. With their ongoing research on latest medical technologies, hospitals and surgeons, they recommend the best options for medical care and hospitals in India.

“We focus on getting the best line of treatment at lowest costs and our offers to all our users are unique and customized”

They are highly informed about the Indian medical situation, finding the right hospitals and getting the right healthcare for their customers. They can also work with individuals on personalized and unique solutions to match their customer’s requirements. They have been working really hard to connect with people from around the globe using modern technology and internet.

Since there are a lot of developing countries or underdeveloped countries out there, the medical standards in these countries have not reached the mark that people would feel comfortable using them. Further, many countries find getting medical help back home, a lot more expensive for their taste. Since India has a blend of both, the right price and proper care, it makes sense to journey here to get the help needed. Sometimes a journey miles away might be a little stressful, IndiCure provides all the information one might need for a relaxed and calm trip.

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There are definitely larger markets out there, but medical tourism in India is growing at a steady pace. The recent years have seen a gradual rise in the numbers and this is definitely motivating the company to keep pushing on. Going by a KPMG report, there will be a $10.5b market in India by 2019.

IndiCure is headquartered in Mumbai after registering in New Delhi. They have gone a step further and created a virtual presence from New York as well. Without any external funding, the company is heading to 5 times their current size in the next 3 years. They would manage this not only through their revenue, but their market reach and they customer volume as well. To add to this, there are Indian private players who are investing in the healthcare market, making it that much more profitable.

The company was founded by Madhur Puri and Annu Puri. Together they have a background in healthcare and the sales and marketing segment that gave them quite the advantage. Today, they are a team of 11 employees and they are looking to add a few more shortly. IndiCure needs a case management team and a digital marketing team to assist with their growth moving forward. Their next steps include increasing their online presence and making ripples through the interwebs to get more people to notice the work that they are doing.

The company handles a lot of research on hospitals and the healthcare industry, clinics, surgeons and doctors, that there are very few who would know the market better than them. This is what provides a competitive advantage over the other players who have been in the industry longer.

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