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Working with smart cars has a few challenges of their own. Intellicar manages to make these look like a piece of cake. Dealing with big data analytics and IOT in vehicular telematics space, Intellicar gathers data from different types of vehicles and provides analytics to stakeholders in the ecosystem.

“A focused team, and a world class product that can be deployed globally is what put us on the map”

They provide visibility of their assets, along with their safety and health in real time. Real time information allows users of this platform to take real time decisions. Further, it allows for better and clearer decision making.

The global telematics industry in currently seeing a steep rise. There is a lot of scope for companies working in the telematics sector. What allows Intellicar to prosper is their software, that can be modified and used on different vehicles.

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The company is headquartered in Bangalore and run by Karan Makhija, Co-Founder / CEO, Kaushik Raju, Co-Founder / Director, Shunmuga Krishnan and Sidharth Middela. Currently, dealing with Indian customers, the company also has connections in Southeast Asia, Africa, GCC and USA. The entire marker of vehicles is their playground, since their system can be used by car companies, insurance companies, owners, financiers as well as drivers.

They currently have their eyes on 50% of the Indian market within the next 3 years. The team looks like it will be expanding soon. The company is looking to add some data scientists and computer vision experts to their fold. Currently, the company is being run by more than 50 employees. The plan for scaling is pretty simple, gather funding and strike strategic partnerships.

Some of the major milestones that the company managed to hit are getting over 20,000 vehicles on roaded. They managed to detect 800 clutch failures before time. Fuel consumption has been improved by 20% as well. They crossed the 5 billion data point mark as well. They aren’t stopping there though. They are looking to add Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), Driver Fingerprinting, and Advanced Predictive. Maintenance to their platform soon.

Their only challenge is that their competition has been around for a lot longer than them. Being the first in the market gives them that advantage. Further, their pricing is a little on the higher side, but their features are a lot better. This however does not deter their clients since they are seeing results and the value of their payments. The company is currently bootstrapped.

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