Internet giant’s delivery teams and cab drivers among many stressed out by difficult customers

Delivery Man
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Working for an internet giant doesn’t guarantee the security that it once did. Yes, in most cases it does promise of a stable job, and benefits, but some positions like the delivery boy for Amazon or Flipkart, the drivers for Uber or Ola do have their risks. From delivery boys being held at gunpoint, or stabbed to drivers being murdered by their passengers, there have been a lot of confrontations between customers and the service providers in the recent past.

Without blaming either party involved, it’s safe to say the delivery team or cab drivers are officially leading stressful lives with the number of trips they make, and the new element of confrontations getting quite common with every passing month.

Although Flipkart authorities mentioned that they evoke the law when dealing with difficult customers, some cab drivers spoke about their willingness to try to handle things themselves, before escalating it to the helpline.

All the same, it is safe to say that there would be some adapting to take place to the rapidly changing markets.

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