Allowing travellers to book private jets in under 25 minutes

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JetSetGo was founded in 2014 by Kanika Tekriwal in New Delhi. The core team includes Kanika Tekriwal (the Founder), Sudheer Perla (the Co-Founder) and, Yuvraj Singh and Puneet Dalmia (Investors). Kanika has more than 10 years of experience in aviation which made her the ideal candidate for such a company.

“JetSetGo successfully created a blend of individuals with technical, aviation-related and business experience who can answer the nation’s most imperative questions when it comes to the aviation industry. They do this keeping both perspectives in mind, thereby closing the gap between the aviation enthusiast and the economist”

JetSetGo was started with an idea to come up with the locales most innovative and tech savvy private aviation company. The company began by connecting with private aviation companies in South East Asia. A few years down the line, they have the largest fleet of private jets across India. They have worked on a system where customers can book a private jet that runs through 29 security checks, in about 2 minutes.  Downloading their app allows private jet owners to be part of this fleet. People who are already within the fold know that JetSetGo has three principles that they always abide by, service, quality, and transparency.

The company has a new, ‘pay as you fly’ feature where customers only have to shell out bucks for the sectors they fly. This reduces the general cost that people would spend when they fly. It further offers private jet owners competitive prices which they would not get in many other places. With the lower rates, business class flyers prefer flying through JetSetGo since they are now getting a private jet at a very reasonable price.

The company is working to overcome issues with commercial travel throughout the country. Currently there are more than 200 airports in the country that cannot be accessed by commercial flights, which seems like improper management. Not forgetting, that the general pricing for airline tickets, go through so many middlemen, making travellers pay exorbitantly. JetSetGo is handling their pricing directly so users do not have to spend that much.

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The JetSetGo app allows travellers to book their tickets by coordinating with jet owners directly. They are working to make JetSetGo one of the biggest platforms in the world, with their forward thinking and fixes to somewhat complicated issues. The company currently has their hands on 11% of the market but they are eyeing 60% in the next two years.

The company currently has 90 full time employees. They work very closely with their customers adding a personal touch, helping them retain their customers. They have a very loyal customer base. Furthermore, the service that they offer is unparalleled, customizable and personalized to match their customer requirements.

Over the years, JetSetGo learned that their customers are influenced by word of mouth, and the service provided, which meant they had to provide the best service, or might lose a customer. Their competition is not really domestic flights but usually international private jet carriers.

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