Creating happy customers through good food and reasonable pricing

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JuxPux is a food and beverage brand that has been going about all over India. The difference between this food brand and most others is that they have everything that one might need under one roof. JuxPux provides cold beverages, hot beverages, quick bites, light bites, heavy bites as well as desserts among other things. They have a side venture, launched not too long ago that provides North Indian food in South India by the name CH 01 ‘Punjabi Roots’. There is no shortage of people wanting food, so JuxPux feels that there will always be a demand for their products.

“We work on our basics to keep the pricing low and reduce wastage”

Currently, they are based in Delhi. However, they have branches throughout India, some of them in places like Noida, Agra, Jaipur, and Hyderabad. They are soon looking to move to other states as well. Opening 5 different outlets in Uttar Pradesh and 3 in Punjab, there are also talks about opening more than 50 across the country and franchising them out. JuxPux has been founded by Pulkit Arora (Founder), Simran Jeet Singh (Co-Founder).

The company managed to open about 10 stores in a little over 2 years. They are looking to start a lot more since they keep getting franchise requests. At the moment, they are only focusing on giving their customers some good quality food. Further, they have to make sure that their franchises are making enough money to sustain themselves. All their franchise enquiries have to be verified to make sure that they are in the right location, with the right market for their products. Only based on that information, they plan their sales figures. JuxPux has been increases their sales percentages by 10-15% every month, which causes quite a significant growth. Since their goal is delivering good quality food at reasonable prices, they always have a good following and can keep their customers satisfied.

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Their team is also made up of chefs, sue chefs, and various trained and experienced people from different domains. Along with their Civil engineering and MCA degrees, the founders are both major food lovers. They have also dabbled in business development; sales and marketing which helps them make important decisions related to these fields. They also have enough food knowledge to suggest modifications and changes to specific dishes.

The company is working on putting up one store every month. Currently, they have a team of more than 40 people. They are motivated to increase the number of happy customers that they see around them. They also enjoy the satisfaction that their franchise owners have on their face.

They are always coming up with some of their best work in their kitchens. Further, they are making sure to keep up with new technologies, to make sure that they are at the top of their game.


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