Saving lives has never been so technologically forward

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Kallows Engineering India Private Limited or Kallows as they are commonly called is a Goan Startup handling the manufacture of mobile health technology. The startup is spearheaded by Gajanan Satish Nagarsekar with assistance from Kevin Scott Kreger, who handles patent law and Sriram Natarajan an entrepreneur from Goa.

Kallows is working toward becoming the number one manufacturer of hardware and software solutions in the mobile health technology space. They focus on Cardiology, and their designs of electrocardiograph machines and ambulatory ECG wearables are their most significant focus. They also work on and create their own software that works their hardware.

One of the reasons they are different from others in the field are their in house software and hardware teams. These teams are capable of providing customized solutions depending on their client requirements.

“The sky’s the limit, we have no constraints for an office in space”

1% of the Indian population suffers from Congenital Heart Diseases and Kallows is aiming at targeting at least 80% of this group. Since the market is constantly changing, Kallows has to change with the times and the work they do. Kallows is currently the number one Indian company in the tele ECG space in India and they are only looking to get bigger and better.

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Since cardiac ailments is one of the most significant factors in India, Kallows even worked on a system to assist doctors through their smartphones. This would save doctors a lot of time and assist with faster diagnosis, which can lead to treating more clients.

Currently headquartered in Ponda, they are handling hardware and software for a large part of the country. They managed to get to where they are thanks to the work of their very capable engineering team. Knowing their customers also assisted them further, in matching their requirements. Finally, their last puzzle piece has been the sales team, who they have added to their company in the last year. The product that they work on keeps evolving with the market which has forever changing requirements. This helps them stay ahead of the game and keep a happy client base.

The only motivation that they have and need is their ability to save lives. Delivering low cost medical devices is an additional advantage. Their general advice is always, focus on what the customer is telling you. The general market feedback is also a good guide to send you in the right direction.

They are looking to increase their software engineering team within the year. Adding more to their sales team too doesn’t hurt. They would just need to get their hands on some more space to get this done and keep their entire team comfortable. In the next six months, they are creating three prototypes that would significantly improve their portfolio and help them continue as market leaders.


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