Working on digitising documents while creating processes to keep them digitised

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Managing multiple documents can be quite a challenge. Kleeto works with clients to help manage documents and the process of digitization. They are pushing for the complete stage of digital documentation, related to “document generation”, “document collection”, “document distribution”, “document consumption” and “document archival”. They are assisting their customers get their old documents digitized and putting processes in place so their work with digitised documentation only.

“Kleeto offers physical document management, digitization, technology, solutions and services to handle end to end needs”

Kleeto has also put services in place to assist them get to their goal, these services can also be used by their clients to hasten the process. Some of the services they offer are document management system and solution, employee file management services and solution, document collection system and document generation system. They are working on a system where they will be able to generate all the employee documentation for employee file as digital document from their first day of work. It is in the pipeline but almost there and system will be ready in next 30 days time.

The company stands out not only since they have digital versions of documentation, but also handle physical documents. Furthermore, they handle all phases of document management. Most of their competition only offers a few of the services that Kleeto has put together, so they aren’t really much of a threat.

The most pressing issue the company solves, is that they are converting legacy documents into digital versions so that the content can be stored better and remains longer.

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Although the company has the scope to solve global issues, since 92% of the world’s information is still on paper, they are only concentrating on India for now. It makes more sense to take over an entire market before moving to larger ones. Further, document management in India has still not kicked off.

The company is headquartered in Gurgaon, India. The company was Founded by Sunil Mahajan, Naresh Chand, and Sanjay Dhawan. Some of the important members who brought the company this far are, Rajeev Jamwal, Manoj Sharma, and Aniket Kumar. The team works hard to make sure all systems are always running. They also need to stay with up to date technologies for their platform. The team is definitely strong and technology oriented. The founders are sure that they will manage to achieve their goals since they have a team that is committed and focused.

The market opportunity for something like this can head up to $10 B, and since they have aspirations of hitting the global market, there is definitely scope for the company. Pretty soon they will have their hands on 10% – 20% of the addressable market. The only challenge that the company goes through is that their industry is quite small. The industry also lacks trust at an outsourcing level.

The next twelve months are going to be crucial for the company since they are working hard to scale up. Their plan is to focus on the technologies, create processes and work on efficient new products. They will create better sales and marketing team to increase their reach and branding.

Since digital is the future, time to take all those documents lying around and get them digitised. It would be best to handle to handle legacy documents as well, before it is too late.


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