Simplifying content creation and collaboration for social media content

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Ad agencies and people looking to advertise online; this tool assists in solving all your advertising needs. Kontentino streamlines social media workflow and simplifies/makes more effective the internal and client content approvals. It allows users and clients to set up their own workflows and interfaces to better manage the movement of content. Kontentino is one of the few tools that are really quick to work on social media updates. They were one of the first tools to add 360 degree photo views and multiple images to their platform.

The platform has an easy to understand workflow and can be modified to match the user’s use cases. It is also complex enough to adapt to the different use cases of different clients. It also allows for better collaboration between multiple content creators. All posts have a live preview format as well.

“Our pricing structure is tailored for collaboration so more users are allowed to use Kontentino at the lower price.”

The system makes it a lot easier to handle content collaboration since social media is playing such a large role in marketing. If companies are spending a lot to manage their social media, they would want descent content and posts. This tool allows different users, like content writers, social media managers, translators or even designers to collaborate among themselves to create interesting posts. This allows the client to go through their content a lot faster since they would be able to step in at any point of time.

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There is definitely a large market opportunity in social media marketing. As social media keeps getting bigger every day, social media marketing keeps playing a larger and larger role.
Kontentino has a good relationship with the clients. They also work closely with their clients when coming up with new features for their product. Furthermore, they have a relationship with Facebook and Instagram and are working toward becoming their partners in the near future.

The platform is run by three smart and creative individuals. Bohumil Pokstefl (CEO) Ivan Hanak (CTO) and Juraj Zamborsky (Sales Lead and Business Developer). Kontentino is headquartered in Prague (CZ) and Bratislava (SVK) and judging by the market size, it seems like it can get as large as 1 bil Euros. With the way that the tool has been built out, it should be able to grab about 30% of the social media advertising market in the next 3 years.

Since Kontentino is looking to increase their reach, they are looking to get some junior sales and business developers. They also have their eyes open for some junior full stack developers and marketing executive. Their current team has been in the social media scene for the last two years and they have a quite vast understanding of the industry and market challenges. They managed to accomplish everything this far with a team of 4 permanent employees, and 5 part time employees.

The company is looking to the future at their next big launch. They are releasing their analytics and reporting feature by the end of this year. They are focused on making some major changes to the social media advertising industry moving forward. Making advertising simple, easy to handle and a piece of cake is what motivates the founders.


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