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‘KreateKonnect’ helps sellers sell their products on multiple online marketplaces across domestic and international markets. Simply put KreateKonnect is an ecommerce management connecting sellers to various marketplaces. The company syncs, directs and manages all the processes of an e-commerce establishment. The company leverages the power of existing online marketplaces and helps sellers build successful online businesses.

“We are not an e-commerce marketplace; we simply leverage the power of these marketplaces”

A tech plus services play, the company aims to be a one stop shop for all the e-commerce needs. KreateKonnect manages the entire process of an e-commerce business right from setting up an online selling account on the marketplace to getting the product delivered to the customer. The company automates the various processes in between such as inventory management, order processing, CRM, vendor management by providing access to its cloud based solution to its sellers. However, since India is yet to adopt a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ technology based ecosystem KreateKonnect blends the technology with services and completes the online selling ecosystem.

The company has built its foundation on data analytics and has developed proprietary algorithms that track more than 100 data points at all times. These data points relate to various aspects of online selling such as customer engagement, return rates, delivery times, price points, etc. By collecting this data the company is able to provide better insights to its clients and also strategize more efficiently.

As per the latest e-commerce trend reports there are about 3 mil sellers around the world, and it is this segment that KreateKonnect is targeting. A product that caters to all the different needs of an online seller such as accounting, warehouse integrations, data analytics, vendor management, etc. The company believes that online sellers are the backbone of the ecommerce industry and there needs to be a solution in the market which makes the process of selling online easier and efficient for this community.

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The company was founded a few years back by Abhishek Jain and Piyush Jaidev. They have their headquarters in Vadodara, and have offices in Delhi and Bangalore. At present the company has a client base of 40 plus online sellers spanning across large traders, manufacturers, exporters and niche brands. The company aims to reach a target of 1000 sellers by end of 2019, this the founders believe would be enough to put them on the map. They are also aiming for $100 million run rate by then.

The founders feel that the market is big enough for 5-10 big players as everybody is trying to create their own niche. Some companies are going the traditional services way whereas some companies have chosen to be a pure play technology offering. Thus there is no direct competition

But one of the reasons KreateKonnect feels it is better off is because of its constant effort towards perfection. They are not really working to meet timelines. They are just making sure that they build an amazing, world class product, even if this takes longer than the rest.

Currently, the company has a team strength of 30 and is looking to expand by opening sales offices in Pune and Hyderabad soon.

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