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Assures comfort stay for couples

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If you’re an unmarried couple booking a room when on holiday in India, you might be faced with some stares and looks. Luv stay allows unmarried couples to book rooms with ease. Clients can handle this using their web app that basically handles it all.

More than just booking a room for a holiday, this platform allows you to choose a convenient duration of time. If you are looking for more than a holiday and would like the place for a couple of months, that works too. Some of the properties on their site are up for rent. Further, they allow you to add a few incentives to make your trip a little special. Couples choose from a range of chocolates and other treats to be stocked in their rooms for their visits. These products too are available on their website.

Like any hotel, customers would have to provide identification when booking the stay. Any Indian looking to book a hotel room, with valid identity can use their platform and book a room. Going by the traffic on their site, they have more than 3,000 new page views. Luv stay also sees about 300 downloads every day, from the play store. Overall, they have about 700 active users a day in total.

“We do not want anyone to go through the embarrassment and harassment of booking a room, either by the hotel or the cops”

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A year ago, this New Delhi based startup started with 5 hotels and a total of 3 people. Now, 12 months later, they have moved to over 25 cities. With a strength of 10 people, they have 300 hotels on their platform. In the previous year, they handled a thousand bookings in 6 months. This year, they are planning on adding ten times that amount on their platform and they are already through with 5000. For the coming year, they are looking to complete 50,000 bookings.

Getting to where they are has not easy, and they managed to achieve this through painstaking and dedicated sweat. They provided their customers with 24×7 care throughout the process. They handled their share of digital marketing as well. They also made sure that their brand was heard about in groups and among people. With their current customer support team, growth doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Their key team comprises of Sumit Anand (Founder & CEO), Karan Mago (Co-
Founder, CMO), Amardeep Singh (Co Founder, COO), Yashwant Singh (Key Web Developer), Vikash Mishra (Key App Developer) and Deepika Sharma (CRO). Over the years, they have proven their amazing marketing skills. They also understand their customer needs and work toward building a better product on a regular basis.

Running startups is a challenge in itself. Luv stay however faces more of this since they are not only fighting their competition. They are going through a fight with the rules of society and culture in India. Moving forward, they are planning on adding cabs to the system as well, to make their customers stay a lot easier. They would add a lot more human interaction throughout the booking process as well

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