Taking your idea through design and turning it into a product right before your eyes

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Maform works with tech companies to assist them with any physical product might have. They are mainly an industrial design agency that works on their clients product designs requirements; they also do a lot of work on ui/ux. They play a major role in changing projects to physical marketable products. More than just being creative and coming up with good designs, they add a little bit of engineering, art and science to the mix. They have created an agile service to provide interesting solutions to their clients.

“The founders are driven by a vision of a world where physical and digital products help people pay attention to what’s truly meaningful in their lives. Products should be seamlessly integrated into our life to bring joy and harmony”

They have been helping companies answer questions like, what should my product look like? Where should I manufacture it? How exactly would it work? And the evergreen, where should I start my project development? They work with their clients goals, and transform them into items that they can work with. This takes their clients a long way in speeding up the development process.

The company started in Budapest, Hungary (EU). The company is run by Geza Csire and Peter Molnar. They also highlight as the CEO and the Lead Designer for the company. They already have their eyes set on going international in the next 2 years. They are also looking at gathering 40 – 50 employees while getting there. The company is always looking for talented designers. They are further looking to add some project managers to their fold. Finally, the company could use a couple of sales agents as well. The company is currently made up of nine employees, who are mostly designers. They also work with three external employees.

Currently, the company is working in the European markets. Since IoT products have started gaining popularity, Maform is planning on working with designs more pertaining to IoT companies.

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The company has worked with IoT projects in the past. They have also designed award winning products in the lifestyle industry, with their healthcare and fitness products, and worked on award winning designs in the transportation design industry as well. They push themselves to do their best work while staying updated with the latest technologies. In 2017 only, they have won a German Design Award, four A’Design Awards and two Hungarian Design Awards. This always keeps them at the top of their game and allows them better clients moving forward.

Abrupt growth is something that Maform would rather stay away from. They are more into having their company grow slowly and steadily. They are working toward growing 40% in terms of their revenue and 20% with regard to their team within the next year. They are always pushing for having satisfied customers, and that is their success to growing. They are always open to feedback and improving and refining process for better output.

Maform is working on integrating prototyping production into their service. They have already outdone their competition since they are already better priced, have more talent and are more flexible with the demands made.

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