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Mangal advisory service, now called Mangal Analytics and Research Consulting Pvt Ltd deals with financial analytics and market research. They provide guidance to small and medium enterprises since there are a lot of departments where these SMEs need assistance. Not being satisfied with mediocre, the founder, Ashutosh Kharangate wanted to create something new and that is what kept pushing him further. There is a lot of time, effort and finance wasted when a company is working in the wrong department. That is where MARC comes in.

“Delivering Excellence and Partnering Success”

His father was a chartered accountant so he initially followed in the same lines. Finally Mangal Analytics and Research Consulting Pvt Ltd, was initially formed as a partnership firm in 2010. It had a different name and was called Mangal Advisory Services (MAS).

There was a giant market for startups who needed assistance with a better business model. There were others who didn’t understand the size of the market. Furthermore, some didn’t have the right guidance, and mentorship or approach to the market. Seeing that he had the knowledge, he thought he should pass it on. This is how he initially started working with startups. Furthermore, they also assist a lot of startups with feasibility testing or financial analytics. Some startups have brilliant ideas and they need to be connected to the right people across borders. MARC assists in this area as well and helps them with internationalisation. They also do work in the fields of mergers and acquisitions.

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The only issue with a tiny market like Goa is that there is no information available which can be quite challenging. There is also a lot of work needed to get the data from primary sources. Their biggest challenge however would be delivering a good quality product at an affordable price.

People have finally started opening up to the idea of investments. However the business plans that finally reach the investors are not always very well thought out. This leads to investors not being very confident and then it seems like investment has dropped. There have also been some macro level economic changes that have made the markets a little sluggish. However according to MARC, things should pick up by the fourth quarter of 2018.

If you are an upcoming startup, you should spend more time understanding your market. That is very important. Have a thorough business plan before meeting investors. Finally, have your strategies for attracting customers ready. If you are a little vague on some of your own details, contact MARC.

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